Our business

Purebase is a diversified, natural and industrial mineral resource company. We provide new and improved, and environmentally sound solutions to a wide range of markets, including our cornerstone markets of agriculture and construction.

Headquartered in Ione, California and listed on the OTCQB under the symbol PUBC, our management has extensive, and successful experience in the mining industry, and a unique vision of where it needs to go.

We’re focused on the acquisition, development, mining and marketing of industrial and natural mineral properties in California, Nevada, and the United States, as our top priority.

We intend to expand our industrial mineral holdings for the purpose of developing industrial minerals essential for high growth economic development, with minimal environmental impact. Although our primary focus is the USA, we will consider international targets that offer economic benefit and align with our purpose when the opportunity arises.

Typical examples of industrial and agricultural minerals include potassium, sulphates, lignites, pozzolans, phosphates, limestone, silica sands, gravel, diatomite, clays (kaolin, bentonite), barite, gypsum, zeolites, pumice and talc, for example.

The chemical and physical properties of industrial minerals are what makes them valuable. These important resources are found in thousands of products, and in many cases, there is simply no substitute for their valuable properties. They comprise components within products from the simplest drinking glass to the most complicated medications. Industrial minerals are used in construction, agriculture additives, soil remediation, animal feedstock, filtration, ceramics, synthetic fibers, abrasives, absorbents, electronics, flame retardants, glass, paint, paper, and metal castings.

As much as it sounds like a cliche, our biggest asset is our people.

It’s our people that make Purebase a premier industrial and natural mineral resource product and service company, with a unique focus on sound environmental practices and better solutions.

Our management team and staff has years of experience in everything from mining, manufacturing, agronomy and construction; working with government to big business, through to end customers. These diverse backgrounds enable us to apply techniques, and product solutions that can be expanded around the country and the world — sharing a global vision, and proving what good business is, can also be good stewardship.

Our partners stay with us because they have come to rely on our experience, quality products, and practical and economically sound solutions.

You see, we share a common philosophy with our customers: creating natural products to farm and build for the future. We understand that it is ultimately the end-user’s satisfaction that is the benchmark against which we are all measured. And when we do the right thing, the Earth looks a whole lot better, now, and in the years to come. Contact us to learn how we can work together.