Our facilities and properties

Our emphasis is on the commercialization of our three green mining properties located in Northern and Southern California as well as in Central Nevada.

The Company owns two pozzolan projects, one located in Northern California, and the other in Southern California, which serve the areas’ primary markets for the agricultural and construction sectors. The Company’s potassium-sulfur project is located in South – Central Nevada, which is close to our central valley agricultural market.

Our pozzolan deposit in Southern California

We entered into a purchase agreement that involves the sale of approximately 280-acres of mining property containing 5 placer mining claims known as the Snow White Mine. The Snow White Mine property is located in San Bernardino County, Southern California. The property is covered by a ‘Conditional Use Permit,’ allowing the mining of the property. A ‘Plan of Operation,’ and ‘Reclamation Plan’ has been approved by San Bernardino County and the US Bureau of Land Management.

As with the Northern California pozzolan deposit, the Snow White Mine deposit geology and chemical makeup of pozzolan make it an ideal mineral for use in the agriculture and construction markets. This 280-acre combination of private property (80 acres) and ‘Non-Patented Placer Claims’ (200 acres) is permitted and ready for further development.

Based upon the methodology of the available geological reports for this project, combined with local knowledge of the site and the application of reasonable volume calculations, the company believes there is an economically viable, accessible, combined ore body of mined pumice, tuff/brecia, perlite, and rhyolite ore within the full 280-acre property.

Our pozzolan deposit in Northern California

We own 50 placer mining claims covering 1,145-acres of mining property located in Northern California, known as the Long Valley Pozzolan Deposit.

The property is a placer claims resource in which Purebase holds the mining rights to 1,145-acres of contiguous placer claims within the boundaries of a known and qualified pozzolan deposit. This area, clearly defined in a state sponsored report, show that the area is underlain by mineral deposits for which geological information indicates that significant inferred resources of natural pozzolan are present.

Our potassium-sulfur deposit in Central Nevada

Our 2,500-acre mine is located in the Mount Diablo Meridian area of Nevada. Contained on these properties is our potassium-sulfur deposit, which consists of 15.5-acres of land fully permitted for mining operation. It’s situated within the 2,500-acres held by Purebase under a ‘Federal Mineral Preference Right Lease’ in Nevada.

This deposit of potassium-sulfur is described as being in an elongated dike-like or neck-like mass of rhyolite having the appearance of being intrusive into gently folded white and red sedimentary rhyolite tuffs or tertiary age. Sulfur occurs in this area as irregular seams and blebs in altered tertiary sedimentary rocks, and welded tuffs.

Eco-friendly mining.

The degradation of the environment in the mining industry has negatively affected life by way of air pollution, land degradation, forest degradation, and retreating water tables. That’s why we are helping to lead the development of eco-friendly mining.

Though, the task isn’t really hard when mining and milling the Purebase properties.

Our properties are shallow, naturally occurring deposits. We don’t use heap leach, blasting, or chemical methods to extract our product.

Simply put, we clear the overburden, typically only a couple of feet, which we stockpile to the side for later land rehabilitation. The raw material is then pushed by dozer and milled at our onsite facilities, and we rehabilitate the land as we go.

Once we have extracted the industrial and natural minerals, which typically range in thickness from 100 to 300 feet we rehabilitate the land with a combination of the previous overburden soil and native vegetation. We plant local and indigenous trees and shrubs native to the state.

The land and environment are as important to ourselves, and our children, as it is to you, and yours. And we take that responsibility very seriously.