Our purpose

Our purpose is to offer natural, sustainable agricultural and construction solutions that cause little to no harm to the environment.


Purebase is about providing natural products to farm and build the way the Earth intended.

We are at a unique moment in history – the global challenge of feeding the world is becoming more difficult with each passing year. Climate change and an increasing population base are exacerbating the problem. Chemical pesticides and GMO crops are some of the current solutions, but these solutions have caused a now trending backlash from the global public, governments, and NGOs. Natural, effective, economical, non-chemical solutions are required.

We’d like to help farmers create an abundance of food, while conserving more, delivering minerals back to the soil, and doing no harm.

To that end, Purebase Grow is a comprehensive suite of soil amendment products. These products provide a better, more natural way to grow, manage and increase yield on the farm and deliver higher quality products right to the table. All without harming the environment.

On the construction side, Portland Cement is the most prevalent building material in the world. However, significant greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the current method of cement production, with close to a ton of CO2 emitted for every ton of cement produced. The cost in the form of environmental degradation presents a global challenge. To add more grief, increasing government environmental regulations will continue to add to the direct costs of concrete building materials, which in one way or the other is passed on to all of us.

Purebase Build SCM (Supplementary Cementitious Material) significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions as well as harmful particulate matter. It also reduces the overall cost of concrete, while increasing its strength. The bottom line is better concrete, better price, better for the Earth. And that’s better for all of us.

This is the purpose that connects us at Purebase to a higher order of meaning and fulfillment in the work we do. We think this is why we have a sustainable advantage.

It is our internal organizing principle, which we believe creates a stronger, shared connection with all our stakeholders – farmers, builders, partners, shareholders, neighbors, and all of humanity.