Transparency and Ethics

Transparency, ethics, and accountability is what Purebase is all about.

As much as it sounds cliche, our biggest asset is indeed our people and we know and embrace this. Like everything we do, we fight hard to keep our employees and management happy, focused, incentivized, working smartly, and most importantly appreciated.

Purebase’s Board of Directors sets the standards and determines the compensation levels and components for employees at all levels in the Company. From Named Executive Officers (“NEOs”) to Customer Service Representatives (‘CSRs”), we recognize the need to attract, retain, and motivate top talent in this competitive market environment, while at the same focusing on the creation of long-term value for stockholders.

The Purebase Board applies four elements to the determination of compensation for key management: base salary (cash), short-term incentives (i.e. bonuses, such as cash, equity, or both for hitting core company targets), long-term incentives (i.e. like options), and benefits.

The total compensation package reflects Purebase’s ‘Pay for Performance’ philosophy, which is to couple employee rewards with the interests of stockholders. We believe strongly that retention and motivation of successful employees is in the long-term interest of stockholders. Further, we believe in development and internal promotion of proven, existing employees whenever optimal for the interests of the company. We believe our total compensation levels, over time, are competitive with comparable companies in our industry segments and geographic locations.

Our management team and staff have decades of experience in everything from manufacturing to agronomy to construction; working with government to big business, through to end customers. These diverse backgrounds enable us to apply techniques, and product solutions that can be expanded around the country and the world — sharing a global vision, and proving what is good for business, can also be good for people, and the Earth.

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