Naturally improving soil ecology and agricultural production.

Purebase natural minerals contribute to a sustainable farming path that is in balance with both conventional and organic technologies. Purebase products enhance economic competitiveness and contribute to a healthier more robust growing environment.

The global challenge to feed the world is becoming more difficult and complex with each passing year. We’ll support farmers in creating the essential abundance of food needed for our expanding humanity. We will do so in a natural and sustainable manner, recovering and enriching farmlands, now, and more importantly, into the future.

Purebase will improve the way many conventional and organic farmers address soil fertility. We support and participate in the efforts to reinvigorate the harmonious relationship of plant and soil ecology, and contribute to a perpetual prosperity of healthy abundance and yield optimization, while remediating degrading farmlands that are teetering on collapse.

Purebase Humate Advantage(TM) is derived from a proprietary deposit of oxidized lignite shale. The combination of humic and fulvic acid, coupled with plant macro and micronutrients improves soil quality and buffers high pH conditions.
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Purebase Pozzolan is a mineral soil amendment and serves as an excellent soil stabilizer and increases absorption and retention of air, water, and nutrients to sustain plant growth as well as improve porosity in the soil.
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Purebase Potassium & Sulfate Advantage; is derived from a proprietary potassium-sulfur mineral deposit. It?provides many essential minerals, while lowering pH to allow nutrients to be available to plants, and improving soil biology. It can be applied to most crops, trees, vines and turf applications.

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