Southern California Property

Property:?Southern California Deposit

Type of resource:?Pozzolan

Products this helps produce:?Purebase Build SCM White

This is a picture of an exposed open face section of the mineral formation showcasing our cementatious material. Notice the bright white color. The white color of this mineral deposit makes it very unique. For concrete applications where color must be consistent, color consistency in the pozzolan is important; color sensitive concrete benefits from and is influenced by an SCM that is white (such as our Purebase Build SCM White).

Based upon the methodology of the available geological reports for this project, combined with local knowledge of the site and the application of reasonable volume calculations, the company believes there is an economically viable, accessible, combined ore body of mined pumice, tuff/brecia, perlite, and rhyolite ore within the full 280-acre property.