Northern California Property

Property:?Northern California Deposit

Type of resource:?Pozzolan

Products this helps produce:?Purebase Pozzolan, Purebase Build SCM

This picture is of a small stockpile of Purebase Pozzolan, crushed to 1/8 inch minus preparing to ship. This product was sent for testing to demonstrate quality assurance and quality control.

Background on the Northern California deposit
We own 50 placer mining claims covering 1,145-acres of mining property located in Northern California, known as the Long Valley Pozzolan Deposit.

The property is a placer claims resource in which Purebase holds the mining rights to 1,145-acres of contiguous placer claims within the boundaries of a known and qualified pozzolan deposit. This area, clearly defined in a state sponsored report, show that the area is underlain by mineral deposits for which geological information indicates that significant inferred resources of natural pozzolan are present.