Resources to

The World 


“The world population continues to grow at an exponential rate and it is our mission to assist responsible agricultural producers to grow healthy, nutrient rich foods to feed that world.”


Purebase is fully operational and has an uninterrupted supply chain.

Supplying Resources to The World


Purebase is fully operational and has an uninterrupted supply chain.


Purebase operates based on a “zero waste” philosophy.


Mr. Dockter has had comprehensive involvement in all aspects of the mining business.


Purebase focuses on finding new applications for Earth’s resources, particularly in the agricultural and industrial sectors. 

Scott Dockter

Executive Leadership

Mr. Dockter has decades of experience in corporate development and has launched and executed several start-ups in the mining industry. He oversaw all aspects of strategic operations including mining processes, exploration, permitting, mine development, financing, operations, and mergers and acquisitions.

His experience covers a wide range of commodities including industrial minerals, gold, silver, copper, and other precious metals. In addition, he has personally owned mines, operated mines, constructed mine infrastructures (physical, production and process) and produced precious metals.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Purebase harvests and produces a range of nutrients, protectants and soil and plant enhancers, allowing farmers to produce safe and nutritious foods. We have developed a strict reduce, reuse and reclaim mantra for each of our manufacturing sites and facilities. 

Local and Global Responsibility

Purebase recognizes that environmentally responsible and ethical operations are its duty as a member of the local and global community.  Our company prioritizes local employment, energy conservation, and consistently works to reduce waste.  Many of our products are developed with recycled and compostable materials that contribute to their organic certification.  We are committed to producing environmentally friendly organic agricultural amendments through sustainable green practices.



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