Resources For
Diverse Industries

Identifying the most valuable application of Earth’s natural resources

reducing harmful emissions

SCM’s are used in concrete to reduce harmful emissions generated during the production of cement

efficiencies from distribution

Our location on the west coast  makes us uniquely positioned to serve world leaders in manufacturing

Pozzolan as a
Cementitious Material

Pozzolan can strengthen concrete and reduces the overall green house gasses

meets fly ash

Fly Ash is produced by coal fired power plants more and more are being shutdown creating a shortage for the growing cement industry

Moving To
the Future

“The acquisition of Snow White Mine marks our strategic entry into the SCM (supplementary cementitious material) market-place


Located in the heart of the California ag industry, Purebase delivers quality products from local resources


Located in California near major sea ports, Purebase is uniquely positioned to serve North American and Asian markets


Purebase operates based on a “zero waste” philosophy


Mr. Dockter has comprehensive experience in building successful mineral resource businesses


Purebase moves in to the SCM sector with the purchase of the pozzolan mineral asset in southern California


Purebase is fully operational and has an uninterrupted supply chain

As Of:


Purebase is a diversified resource company that acquires, develops, and commercializes industrial and natural mineral deposits to provide solutions to the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Local and Global Responsibility

Purebase recognizes that environmentally responsible and ethical operations are its duty as a member of the local and global community.  Our company prioritizes local employment, energy conservation, and consistently works to reduce waste.  Many of our products are developed with recycled and compostable materials that contribute to their organic certification.  We are committed to producing environmentally friendly organic agricultural amendments through sustainable green practices.



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