Agriculture and infrastructure without the environmental harm

Focused Operations

Purebase intends to expand its mineral holdings for the purpose of developing product essential for high growth economic development, with minimal environmental impact. Purebase’s primary market remains the United States, but has incorporated an international strategy to solidify its market base and economic growth targets.

Purpose Driven

We aim to increase yield, improve produce quality and be judicious stewards of the environment. This expressed purpose drives the employees of the company every day.


Purebase Is More Than A Resource Company.

Purebase is about providing natural and efficacious products to productively farm in harmony with nature’s own intentions.

Purebase is a resource company based in northern California that searches for natural resources and finds the best way to utilize those resources. We are focused on the acquisition, development, and marketing of natural mineral products for use in diverse industries. In the agricultural sector, Purebase has a kaolin-clay based sun-protectant, Shade Advantage, that is used on citrus, nut trees, and row crops. In addition, Purebase is developing humic acid products that are beneficial to both soil and plant health. Trials are underway with a number of growers as product development continues. Purebase, with expert guidance from its Advisory Board, have been developing new supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) that will help to mitigate the carbon emissions that result from the production of cement. Two upcoming Purebase SCM products have already received ASTM certifications.


Within the agricultural industry, Purebase provides soil amendment and plant protection solutions that are of significant benefit to large commercial farming operations and retail consumer markets, both domestically in the US and internationally. Our suite of all natural organic products combats sun damage, promotes growth, increases crop yield and improves soil vitality.



Industry News

Purebase featured in a business spotlight in the Ledger Dispatch

Purebase featured in a business spotlight in the Ledger Dispatch

Purebase Corporation was featured in a business spotlight column in the Ledger Dispatch, Amador, and Calaveras Objective Regional Newspaper. The Ledger Dispatch is the publishing newspaper for the same county in California that Purebase Corp resides in, and the...

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