Purebase Humic Advantage

In the agricultural division, Purebase has developed a humic acid product, Humic Advantage, that is beneficial to both soil and plant health. Farmers operate on slim margins making uniformity, yield, and quality critical concerns. The application of Humic Advantage may improve these parameters, leading to wider margins, and thus greater financial gains for the farmer. Trials have been executed for Humic Advantage and the product is currently in production and on the market.

Purebase Humic Advantage

Increases your crop’s nutrient uptake, soil microbial activity and diversity, and soil structure and water holding capacity.

Humic Advantage is a premium humic acid concentrate designed for use on all agricultural crops. It is readily dispersed in most fertilizer or micronutrient solutions. Humic acid may increase micronutrient uptake. This product is alkaline and may alter pH of certain solutions. 



  • Increases nutrient uptake and microbial activity
  • Improves moisture holding capacity and buffers toxins
  • Provides valuable iron, sulfur and calcium

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